Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Status is a paid status that can be identified by our logo Crown. Having a Premium Status will earn you beneficial rewards that will help you receiving more traffic in comparison to servers without Premium Status. Check out our store to see what benificial rewards Premium Status offers.
Crownlisting supports votifier. In combination with a listener you can reward your players automatically when they vote on Crownlisting. We suggest you to take a look at this website to have in-depth information about votifier and where you can download the plugin. It is optional to have votifier enabled. You can leave everything blank if you are not planning on using it.

Votifier Public RSA KeyThe Public RSA Key can be found at plugins/votifier/rsa/public.key. This is necessary so we are allowed to send a vote protocol to your server. This is NOT your private.key.

Votifier IPThis option is made for networks with multiple server. If you are not a network you can leave this blank.

Votifier PortThe Votifier Port can be found in plugins/votifier/config.yml This option is necessary so we know which port we have to send the vote protocol.

Every month Crownlisting performs a vote reset. A vote reset means that the vote counts of all servers will be resetted. This prevents huge servers from stacking their votes and gives everybody the opportunity to become high ranked on our list. The next vote reset will be shown on our home page.
You are required to have a valid account and a listed server on our website in order to purchase from our store.